The automotive business is changing

The automotive business is changing

Since the beginning of 2020, as for other professions, players in the automotive business have been particularly shaken. The changes have been significant, whether it be about Covid, movements in distribution and repair or in relation to external events such as the war in Ukraine or the various increases that have led to a very high inflation.

We are still in a transition phase towards new models with contours and impacts we do not clearly perceive.

The internal and external players in this universe are affected and involved in the same way, their future will depend on the strategies they will follow and their ability to be agile and able to position themselves on new offers.

This uncertainty has benefited the repair and collision market, but the path is set and it will be difficult if not impossible not to follow it.

The big networks and manufacturers are preparing for this evolution/revolution and the members of their networks are being forced to follow.

We used to talk about cars, today we talk about mobility.

We used to talk about property, today we talk about use.

2023 will still be in this transition phase, but we can notice an inarguable acceleration of the changes driven by governments and lobbies in the name of ecology and health.It is high time for everyone to position themselves and to choose their path so as not to be slow on the uptake or even completely left behind.

Things are not looking so good, but as always, in every difficulty there are opportunities to be seized.

Solware Auto software publisher and integrator for the automotive distribution, repair and recycling industries wishes you a wonderful new year, and sends you its best wishes for prosperity and health for 2023.

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