Software company for vertical markets: healthcare sectors

Software developper and integrator In management solutions for healthcare and automotive sector

We offer innovative, robust and scalable software that pertinently meets the needs of users and the challenges of their daily professional lives. We choose the best technologies to design our solutions and combine innovation, power, durability and efficiency.


Our values

Solware is a family business built on values of humility, respect, merit and ambition. These values guide our development and we count on each of our employees to integrate, share and convey them.




Our news

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Official Solware Auto Release

After 28 years with Solware Auto, Laurent DE ROZARIO has decided to take on a new professional challenge. Laurent DE ROZARIO has had a decisive contribution to the development and[…]

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The automotive business is changing

Since the beginning of 2020, as for other professions, players in the automotive business have been particularly shaken. The changes have been significant, whether it be about Covid, movements in[…]

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The recovery of the automobile market in Algeria

After several years of freezing, the car market in Algeria is finally experiencing an outcome. Indeed, the Algerian government has given the green light to the relevant ministries to revive[…]

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Executive Committee

Gérald Ferraro président du Groupe Solware - développeur et intégrateur de logiciels pour le secteur de la santé et de l'automobile



Laetitia Vivot - Directrice Administrative et Financière du Groupe Solware

Laetitia VIVOT


Laetitia Ravassard - Responsables Ressources Humaine du groupe Solware



Michel Plantevin - Directeur Général de Solware Life

Michel Plantevin

Managing Director of Solware Life

Christian Lepain - Directeur Général Solware Auto International

Christian LEPAIN

Managing Director of Solware Auto