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CREANCEAUTO by Mobilians

Our winmotor2 management software now has the option to be connected to the CREANCEAUTO application launched by Mobilians at the end of June 2022. This CREANCEAUTO application is dedicated to collision repair professionals and can be used in case of non-approval of their business by the customer’s insurance company. It allows the garage to offer…
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VHU Software

The end-of-life vehicle (ELV) recycling sector is a constantly evolving market. Companies in this sector require tailored solutions to manage their operations, inventory, and ensure compliance with legal and regulatory standards. This is where ELV recycling management software comes into play. Dedicated ELV management software offers many benefits to car dismantlers, including better vehicle and…
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Official Solware Auto Release

After 28 years with Solware Auto, Laurent DE ROZARIO has decided to take on a new professional challenge. Laurent DE ROZARIO has had a decisive contribution to the development and success of Solware Auto. “Before being the CEO of Solware Auto, Laurent is a friend with whom I had the pleasure to work during all…
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The automotive business is changing

Since the beginning of 2020, as for other professions, players in the automotive business have been particularly shaken. The changes have been significant, whether it be about Covid, movements in distribution and repair or in relation to external events such as the war in Ukraine or the various increases that have led to a very…
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The recovery of the automobile market in Algeria

After several years of freezing, the car market in Algeria is finally experiencing an outcome. Indeed, the Algerian government has given the green light to the relevant ministries to revive the automotive activity. Several areas are targeted, namely the resumption of the importation of new vehicles, the revival and the concretization of an automobile production…
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One more step for Solware Auto and Incadea in the HGV DAF network with Groupe Duclos

Groupe Duclos has been present throughout Brittany since 1918 with its network of specialist garages for heavy goods vehicles and utility vehicles. It represents DAF, Nissan and Isuzu brands to support its customers in the purchase and maintenance of their vehicle fleet.

The automotive industry in Africa: a quickly developing market

All experts agree that Africa will be the new vehicles sales market of tomorrow. Currently dominated by the sale of used vehicles, this trend seems to be slowing down to give way to an industrialization of the sector and the promotion of the sale of new vehicles. Many car manufacturers have already taken this step…
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Release note – Cumulative Update incadea

It is with great pleasure that we announce the release of the Cumulative Update (CU) of incadea.dms 7.2 BC from January 2022. This update includes all the correctives and innovations published by the editor incadea during the years 2020 and 2021. This CU is the first one to be published by Solware Auto for the…
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New major project for Solware Auto : Sopriam

Sopriam – one of the main car distributors in Morocco – has recently chosen the DMS incadea and Solware Auto for the implementation of this management software adapted to the world of the automotive distribution. Sopriam (in French Société de Promotion Industrielle Automobile, in Morocco), subsidiary of Al Mada Group, is the exclusive distributor of…
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The Renault Agents Group invites its members to its annual convention

200 car repair shops were invited to the 43rd Renault Agents Group convention in the Espace du Centenaire auditorium, at the heart of Paris, in the RATP’s headquarters. The Renault Agents Group organised this event around the theme of adaptation, with its President Daniel SALIN, its Vice-President Karim HAMADACHE and its Secretary General Corinne BLANCHOT-PINCHON…
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