Solware Auto at the Renault Agents Group (GAR) Convention in 2023

Solware Auto at the Renault Agents Group (GAR) Convention in 2023

Like every year for more than 20 years, Solware Auto had the pleasure as a partner to participate in the last GAR convention which was held on March 28th at the Urban Station in Paris. 

Despite the strike action planned for this day and the difficulties of transport, around a hundred agents were present to discuss social issues and listen to manufacturers Renault and Dacia in the context of an automotive market in the midst of a revolution. 

The evolution of after-sales, warranty, used-vehicle opportunity and new services to be developed were discussed in the morning during the plenary, leaded by the members of the GAR national office with the intervention of various partners. 

During these various exchanges, the agents were reminded of the importance of promoting and joining the Group in order to be able to weigh more against the manufacturer, as is the case at the level of the GCR dealer group. 

The national office took advantage of the opportunity to invite all those who wish it to join them, to bring new ideas and help to implement them in the field. 

The afternoon was devoted to various round tables with the manufacturer, who was able to present its strategy and answer the questions of the agents concerning their future, in particular with the arrival of the new contract in 2024. 

Renault, through its world parts director, mentioned to the difficult situation for the supply of parts that is linked on one hand to the persistent post-Covid situation and on the other hand to the relocation of its historic central store. The agents have been asked for a little more patience, while everything is being done to ensure that a return to normal will be effective by the end of the year at the latest. 

The team of Solware Auto would like to thank the GAR office for its invitation, the welcome of its members and the quality of the organization of this convention in a complicated context at all levels.