Why is it essential to get trained on your management software?

Why is it essential to get trained on your management software?

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After installing your management software, you might feel disoriented when faced with all the new functions. You may not know where to begin.   

Is there a need for training after purchasing software such as DMS and management tools? Without a doubt.  Solware can help you with that!  

Training on management tools is as important as any other investment in your workshop. To maximize the benefits of your software, training is necessary.  

When an employee leaves, his or her replacement often has to rely on their predecessor’s notes, documents and verbal information from colleagues. This can lead to significant data loss and disorganised information transfer, which may lead to errors and incorrect use of the software. 

To help you master the tool and increase profitability, it’s essential to train both yourself and your users according to their individual needs and profiles.  

This is particularly important because most management software is open-ended and new features are added frequently, so you need to acquire the skills to use them. 

Being trained in your software enables you : 

  • to maintain high productivity levels, 
  • save time and improve efficiency,  
  • correctly input data into your database,  
  • Gain better proficiency in DMS functions, some of which may be unfamiliar to you, and  
  • motivate and retain your staff. 

As you may have realized, training is a part of your legacy! There are courses available to suit your requirements, which you can take in various forms: alone or in the company of others, on-site, or remotely. Pick the suitable training based on your own personal pace, preferences and level of knowledge.   

Solware Auto, a DMS software publisher and integrator for over 35 years, is also a certified Qualiopi training centre in France. 

It’s important to remember that good software is software that you control perfectly! Although training can be an expensive investment, it will pay dividends in terms of productivity.   

Qualiopi certified, our training courses are fully or partially covered only in France.

If you want to learn more about our courses, please get in touch! 

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