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E-invoicing in France: what does it mean for your company?

Since early 2021, companies have to send their invoices to public agencies electronically through Chorus Pro. Originally scheduled to take effect for all companies from July 2024, this transition has been delayed until 1 September 2026, the date set out in the 2024 Finance Act. Receiving electronic invoices will be mandatory for all VAT-registered companies…
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Official Solware Auto Release

After 28 years with Solware Auto, Laurent DE ROZARIO has decided to take on a new professional challenge. Laurent DE ROZARIO has had a decisive contribution to the development and success of Solware Auto. “Before being the CEO of Solware Auto, Laurent is a friend with whom I had the pleasure to work during all…
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For the year 2023, Solware Auto’s gender equality index reaches 93/100

For the year 2023, Solware Auto’s Gender Equality Index reaches 93/100. This index is calculated based on four indicators: Regarding pay equality, the Gender Pay Gap Indicator between Women and Men at Solware Auto scores 39/40. Regarding the rate of pay increases, Solware Auto scores 35/35. Indicator for the percentage of female employees who received…
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