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Management systems for automobile retailors and aftermarket

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We believe that services should provide more than answers. We aim to be fully available and responsive so that we can anticipate your requirements. We place particular emphasis on the human values of a relationship and aim to establish real co-operation based on confidence and professionalism. We believe that no two customers are ever alike and each service is adapted to match your company profile.

Key facts

Solware key figures


22 million Euros in 2018

Installed sites

7 500 customers all over in equal numbers in the health and automobile sectors

20,000 software users for auto agents and dealers

100,000 software users for nursing homes for elderly people and for disabled people

More than 1,800 customers in hosted mode


200 employees all over the entire French territory

25 people dedicated to software development

60 technical support technicians (hotline, maintenance) handling (processing) 90,000 interventions per year

50 regional consultants, technicians and trainers delivering 8,000 days of training annually

A deployment team capable of operating internationally

25 sales engineers, secretaries and sales assistants


IT partner of medical-social institutions, nursing homes for elderly people, retirement homes, nursing homes, CCAS (Center for Social Action) for the past 31 years

Network IT partner for the largest automobile manufacturers (Renault, Peugeot, Citroën, …) for the past 28 years

Expert in e-business applications hosting for the past 10 years, 20,000 users of our SaaS or ASP mode software


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To join our technical service (Hotline)

Telephone : +33 4 72 52 70 70
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To join our incadea technical service (Hotline)

Telephone : +33 4 72 52 70 70
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