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Management systems for automobile retailors and aftermarket


Integrated DMS for automobile repairs bshop, agents and dealers

WINmotor2 is the second generation of the WINmotor integrated management system published by Solware Auto since 1997.

WINmotor2 is user-friendly and powerful and is 100% dedicated to your business, covering all aspects of the automotive trade. Its efficient functions provide detailed, rigorous management of your business (profit centres, workshop productivity, spare parts stocks, etc) and real time accounting.

WINmotor2 is a sales-oriented system but also has a large range of functions for comprehensive management of after sales marketing.

WINmotor2 is used daily by thousands of customers: Renault for its network of agents in France, Algeria and Morocco, Citroën for its French network, Peugeot for its network of agents in France (in accordance with GAAP) and Algeria, Nissan for its network of agents in Algeria and Toyota for its network of agents in Algeria.

Screen Shots

  • Monitoring after sales services: invoicing, bodywork, warranties, courtesy cars, productivity of workforce.
  • Managing spare parts stocks: orders, part numbers superseded, inventory, stocks, remainders.
  • For new and second-hand vehicle sales: sales aid, order forms, sales, margins.
  • Accounts updated in real time and business indicators.
  • For after sales marketing: status of the cars, workshop potential, follow-ups for each product family.

Also links with manufacturers’ systems

  • Renault: ICM link, PGCS, EDR, interfaces, Dialogys and DFM, TDFA via SAA, BVM link, key map, FleetBox, Motélio
  • Citroën: eStory link, Citroën Service interface, ePGC, automatic file transfer (spare parts prices, labour, packages, warranties), approved garage network indicators, Crescendo, Mon marketing local
  • Peugeot: eStory link, Service Box interface (ODAS), ePGC RA1 and RA2, automatic file transfer (spare parts prices, labour, warranties),, GAAP marketing
  • Porsche: ASR stock interface


The software runs under Windows in dedicated client/server mode or using ASP pages with a multiple window user interface.
Contact our sales service for details of the minimum hardware configuration